Tuesday, January 5, 2010

why cats

it's interesting not many things said about cats are positive. most people i've met hate or dislike or can't stand cats. they say they can't trust them or they say they aren't loyal like dogs are. the sight or a photo of cats makes them cringe, go eeeeeeeiiiii, or just turn and walk away.
but have you noticed, Cats, unlike people, have more grace. they don't hate you, or dislike you and can stand you. Cats do trust their owners and are loyal in many ways, if you choose to see it. Cats don't cringe when they see you, little do they make a sound when they see you, or even turn their backs on you. They may puuuuurrrrrrrrrr, and cccccccc
             lllllll              a
you, the way you don't even notice, because you've walked away, hated and disliked them, or given a chance to even trust them.
this blog is about them and joy of having them.

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